Visits & Events

Campus viewVisiting campus is the best way to learn what Grand View is all about.  You’ll meet students, faculty and staff to get a feel for what and who we are. There are all kinds of options for you to visit – from General Visit Days to hands-on Action Days that focus on specific majors, to Scholarship Days where invited admitted-students compete for awards. Individual visits and tours are also an option; we’ll arrange one to fit your schedule.

You can also learn about all the various events you could be involved in as a GV student, from Homecoming to choir performances to theatre productions and concerts by outside groups, to gallery exhibitions to fine art and photography.

Another way to visit is a "virtual visit"at CollegeWeekLive. You can visit the GV booth any time or attend one of our open houses or other special events. Click on Future Student Visits at the left, then on Virtual Visits.  Here's a taste of what you'll see at CollegeWeekLive, a webcast featuring students, faculty and staff talking about admissions, our Art & Design program, and athletics.  Click HERE.

Explore at the left links. Then schedule your visit online or contact Admissions at 515-263-2810 or 800-444-6083. PLEASE NOTE: ONLINE EVENT REGISTRATION IS NOT CURRENTLY COMPATIBLE WITH SOME BROWSERS: CHROME AND INTERNET EXPLORER 11.  Please use a different browser.


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