Policies and Disclosures

The links below will take you to various campus policies and disclosure statements.

Weapon possession or use.  Grand View has zero tolerance for weapons on campus except when expressly authorized by the University.  Possession or use of firearms (or look alikes), explosives, other weapons, dangerous chemicals or compounds or other dangerous objects of no reasonable use to the student on the campus, or the brandishing of any object in a threatening manner on University premises are not permitted.  (Legal defense sprays are not covered by this section.)

Ethics Point Reporting Tool An anonymous and confidential reporting tool of misconduct or inappropriate activity.  EthicsPoint is to be utilized for issues pertaining to discrimination or harassment, sexual harassment, or other concerns related to diversity, sensitivity, tolerance and acceptance.  Students are still encouraged to discuss these kinds of issues with the vice president for student affairs, the associate vice president for student affairs, the director of multicultural and community outreach or Human Resources.  In addition, EthicsPoint may be used to file a report either online or by calling 888-238-1484.


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