International Student Profiles

Students of many different ages, backgrounds, and nationalities choose to study at Grand View University. Right now, you can find students from more than 20 different countries walking around on campus. Choosing to attend college thousands of miles from home is not an easy thing, but we work hard to make our international students feel welcome and at home.

But don't take our word for it--we asked five of GV's outstanding international students to talk about student support (there's a lot), Iowa winters (it gets COLD), and what makes Grand View unique. Check out the video below to hear from Tal Zloczower (Israel), Maria Mantilla (Colombia), Derick Mbacham (Cameroon), Kaddy Jallow (Gambia), and Marten Muehlenhaus (Germany).

Bottom, a video about Grand View narrated by one of Grand View's Chinese exchange students.



Welcome to Grand View (Chinese).


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