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Whole-Degree Planning & Financing

Ever wonder why you plan and pay for your college studies one semester at a time when what you really want is a whole degree that usually takes four years to complete?  At Grand View, we’ll wrap it all up together with GV COMPLETE so that you can plan and finance your entire degree right from the beginning – a four-year financing plan and a four-year academic plan equal a complete degree.

GV COMPLETE is also designed to help make your Grand View education a little more affordable and to support you in making the very most out of the scholarships, grants, and loans that will become key parts of your financing.

Under this plan, Grand View makes these commitments to you:

  • For the 2018 incoming class, tuition and on-campus room & board rates will not increase more than 2.5% per year during your four-year pursuit of a degree.
  • We’ll provide you with the tools to lay out a four-year financing plan and stick to it, a plan that makes the most of all the options open to you and minimizes your borrowing. Your financing plan will go hand-in-hand with a comprehensive plan of study or Completion Plan that is designed for four-year graduation.
  • We’ll provide you and your family with financial counseling and coaching, as well as the support you need to make your finances work for you while you’re in school.

The other part of GV COMPLETE is the commitments you make in return. You promise to:

  • Work with your Completion Coach to craft an academic Completion Plan and begin working toward your desired major. 
  • Take advantage of all of the support services available to you to ensure that you remain in good academic standing and fulfill your academic Completion Plan.
  • Fulfill your financial obligations on time, like completing your FAFSA and paying your bills.
  • Work with your Completion Coach to manage your personal finances so that you can meet your obligations – and breathe a sigh of relief!

Students who fulfill their GV COMPLETE agreement are likely to graduate in four years, know exactly how much their payments will be while they’re in school, know how much their monthly student loan payments and terms will be upon graduation, and see a reduction in the total cost of their education. All incoming freshmen will be enrolled in GV COMPLETE, although you'll have the choice to opt out if you wish.

We'll support you every step of the way, because empowering you is part of our mission.

More Information
What families say...

“It helps me to visualize the payments and breakdown of potential loan payments. I am a visual person, and this is really helpful information. Since [she] is our oldest, it’s hard to know what to expect. This helps us understand it better – and hopefully for her to understand it better as well.”

-- The Cubbage family, Altoona, IA

“Being able to explore different scenarios, helping us to decide how much [borrowing] is reasonable is great. She has her heart set on Grand View, so we need to figure out how to make it happen.”

-- The Schwartz family, Omaha, NE

“I’ve learned more in the past five minutes going through this chart than I have through the whole process!”

-- The King family, Winterset, IA

Parent Comments from a Fall, 2014 Survey

“College is a significant investment. Even though Grand View has a higher price tag than a state school it [GV Complete] showed how the financial aid plan made this wonderful college even more affordable than a state school. It also showed that you are willing to commit to helping families have a realistic view of the four-year costs and develop a responsible plan to pay for it.”

“I am a single mom and this was one of the factors in believing [my daughter] could somehow afford to attend Grand View. I feel like we have a partner in [my daughter's] success by her participation in the plan.”

“It shows Grand View cares about our child and wants her to graduate.”

“It seems very personal and that Grand View is aware that financial considerations are a large part of picking a college.”

"You took the time to help us and especially our student understand the financial responsibility for his education."

"It gave our family a full view of what to expect."

"Taking the time to ensure the student understood their responsibilities and the costs is hugely beneficial. This also helps to develop further conversation at home on how their education will be paid and what contributions they will need to make."

"It is good to know that the University is willing to help students become successful and well balanced, as well as help them not to create too big of a financial 'hole'."

"I love that it is all spelled out for me. I know what is expected of me the next few years and can plan a family budget."

"It was really nice to sit with someone and talk about the financial plan and see what the 'Whole' package was about. I like that the tuition is guaranteed to not increase substantially and my child could see the amount of money it will take to complete the program. There is a lot of dedication that your staff showed us when we met with our advisor."

Budgeting Tools

Your budgeting worksheet and questionnaire, HERE.

Financial Literacy

Click here to learn more about SALT, a free program for Grand View students and alumni to help you manage your student loans and make smart financial decisions.


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