Art Competition '13-'14 Monthly Winners

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October Winning Entry & Honorable Mentions

Winning Entry
Irena Yang

"Yang’s use of color in the traditional blankets does a great job representing the richness of the Mexican culture. Her subject matter has been captured through the eye of a tourist, which adds a unique perspective of another culture and to the theme of apparel."

Honorable Mentions

Cathy Yang
Speed Blind Contour

"Cathy Yang’s Speed Blind Contour drawings show a lot of personality. I was told your shoes are the most important part to your wardrobe.  It shows your status along with your personality. This is a fantastic example of how important a piece of apparel can be represented with the same meaning throughout different cultures."

Taylor McFarlane

"Taylor McFarlane's collage was a creative exploration of use of cloth swatches and clothing patterns. The use of found material and a tactile sense made this piece very interesting."

November Winning Entry & Honorable Mentions

Winning Entry
Kelli Meyer
Strawberry Point, IA

"Wonderful use of a variety of materials."

Honorable Mentions

Claire Johnson
San Diego, CA

"The colors in this piece harmonize really well and the mapping is very subtle but not overly literal."

Nelli Astvatsatrian
Glendale, CA

"Something about this drawing really connects emotionally."

December Winning Entry & Honorable Mentions

Winning Entry

Austin Wang
San Ramon, CA
Inheritance Tree


"This involving, complex structure is as imaginative as it is orderly."

Honorable Mentions

Yocheved Friedman
New York, NY
The Old Fisherman

"The judge enjoyed the high degree of skill and the sentiment behind this depiction of the relationship between generations."

Nelli Astvatsatrian
Glendale, CA

"This deftly handled portrait uses collage to add impact."

January Winning Entry & Honorable Mentions

Winning Entry
Joanna Zou
Columbia, MO
Grapes of Wrath

"This piece takes advantage of the artist's technical skills quite well. It always brings something interesting to the viewer when tightly controlled respresentation is juxtaposed with expressive, chaotic marks. The ink drawing here is used to great effect this way; we are both impressed with the composition and the traditional form, and intrigued by what is happening to let that form deteriorate into an abstract environment."

Honorable Mentions

Alfred Dudley
Landover, MD

"Again, this piece is a great combination of masterful drawing skill along with playful, intuitive marks. We see the subject presented in an environment that gives us hints of personality through the simple, colorful lines and shapes. His expression fits nicely in this context, and we as viewers can appreciate the feeling of the portrait without having to rely only on detailed representation."

Jordan Stauber
David Posnack Jewish Day School
Hollywood, FL

"Here we have a time-lapse photo that essentially becomes a drawing created with light. This is, of course, an idea to which most of us can relate; we know what it feels like to create that type of motion and let it become a fleeting image that will soon disappear without this documentation of it. Also, how nice it is to be reminded of warm weather, no?"

February Winning Entry & Honorable Mentions

Winning Entry
Lou Yang
St. Paul, Minnesota

"Great storytelling a main character with excellent treatment of paint."

Honorable Mentions
Jenny Bi
Johns Creek, Georgia

"The piece has strong composition, including the treatment of medium, and story telling of characters and their relationships."

Janice Koo
Duluth, Georgia

"The work has fluid motion and interesting perspective that draws the eye to the story."


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