Art Competition '12-'13 Monthly Winners

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October Winning Entry and Honorable Mentions

Winning Entry
Amy Berbert
Gaithersburg, MD

"Excellent contrast and striking visual of birds weighted to the left side. Contains a wonderful mysterious narrative that the viewer can interpret openly."

Honorable Mentions

Bo Kim
Mclean, VA

"Great use of space and color. Developed sense of paint handling and mark making."

Kelsie Middaugh
Disease and Memory
Lawrence, KS

"Interesting piece of performance with an interesting dialogue. Excellent visual movement."


November Winning Entry and Honorable Mentions

Winning Entry
Cathy Yang
Set in Stone
Lansdale, PA

"Great use of traditional media."

Honorable Mentions

Chase Essary
A censored self history
Pinson, AL

"The choice to blur out the face really makes me question the idea of "Fact", and what it really means."

Courtney Filliben
Noise ps
Miami, FL

"I like the combination of achromatic with an analogous color scheme. I also like the question of is the turmoil entering the head or leaving it?"

Yue Li
The Game of Life, Two Viewpoints
Melbourne, FL

"I like the play on reality and or our perception of reality in this piece."

Rebecca Li
Bayside, NY

"I really like the simple naive quality of this piece of work."

December Winning Entry

Winning Entry
Ivory Garcia

"This clever design plays on iconic signage. The variety in the human condition, and states of well being really come across. This is a great concept, well thought out."

January Winning Entry

Winning Entry
Joanna Zuo
Columbia, Missouri

February Winning Entry and Honorable Mentions

Winning Entry
Nick Meehan
Wilmington, Delaware

Honorable Mentions

Maryssa Reason

Hannah Anderson

March Winning Entry

Winning Entry
Katherine Ju
Seashell Collection

"Beautifully rendered in delicate colors, showing a sensitivity for value and composition."


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