How to Use This Site

Grand View's admissions website uses a PURL (a personalized URL) to create a customized interface that matches your interests. If you enter the site by clicking on or typing in your PURL, you will be able to customize the site and see your personal information as you move through the admissions process.

If you don't have a PURL, it's easy to get one! First, click on My Profile and fill out the information request. Once you submit the form, the site will display photos, videos and content specific to the interests you indicated on the form.  You'll receive your PURL in an email within a day or two.

When you enter the site with your PURL, you can go into My Profile to personalize the site even more. From there, you can tag pages and other content as "favorites" so you can find them later, and you can find fun stuff like Grand View backgrounds for your phone.

With your PURL, you'll also be able to see your specific admissions info, including what materials we've received from you and what you still need to send. You can even find out your acceptance decision right on the site!  

If you have questions about using the site or experience problems, please contact our web master by email.


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