Art Competition '11-'12 Monthly Winners

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October Winning Entry & Honorable Mentions

Winning Entry
Hazlett Henderson
A Different Kettle of Fish
Baldwin City, KS

"This piece is so intriguing for many reasons. It manages to take an unusual (almost cryptic) combination of subjects and place them in a very formal composition that forces the viewer to look, then look again. While the thematic element here is pushed to the background, our attention is driven to that point by the framing of the subject and the clever use of repetitive elements."

Honorable Mentions

Olga Belyanina
College Station, TX

"This is a very non-traditional approach to the theme, partially because it doesn't rely on photography or even a very obvious human subject at first glance.  The form, however, is suggestive of a person cloaked in strong colored pieces, although it could also be interpreted as pure abstraction if the viewer chooses."

Kyleigh Turner
Project 012
Lawrence, KS

"A relatively simple idea of camouflaging the figure in this one, yet it functions as both a "costume" of sorts and a confusion of foreground and background at the same time.  An abstract expressionist painting brought to life and documented as a still shot."

Emmett Wick
Lawrence, KS

"This one is fantastic for the element of humor it brings to the table.  Great shot, great composition, and simply a great idea that can be expressed in such a simple, whimsical format."

November Winning Entry & Honorable Mentions

Winning Entry
Younhee Kim
Bellevue, WA

"Impressive technical ability and connection to the theme comfort."

Honorable Mentions

Rachel Mlynarczyk
Stockholm, NJ

"I enjoyed the use of color and composition."

Lydia Wang
Duluth, GA

"The most interesting line work of the entries."

Madeline Engler
Metairie, LA

"The artist made the chairs feel human."

December Winning Entry & Honorable Mentions

Winning Entry
Tiffany Choi
Castro Valley, CA

"Not only is the drawing ability impressive, we are intrigued by the way in which the figure and ground cooperate."

Honorable Mentions

Emily Huth
San Mateo, CA

"We like the way the interpretation of the theme includes a harmonious interplay of shapes."

Michelle Ma
Morgantown, WV

"This playful image has both carefully deliberate and accidental artist's marks."

Katherine Landesman
Altadena, CA

"This image is a beautiful photograph, and a powerful represenation of the theme ."

January Winning Entry & Honorable Mentions

Winning Entry
Emmett Wick
Where We Go When We Reach The End
Lawrence, KS

"There's a really strong creative impulse that's exemplified by this image. Sometimes the simplest things can offer the viewer a suggestion of what's there, or what's not there, or even what might be yet to come. Plus, it's just a great composition in formal terms."

Honorable Mentions

Hanna Tenerowicz
Wishing Flowers 
Castle Rock, CO

"This piece has a playfulness about it, but there's a hint of something deeper too. You could read it as loss, regret, or as hopefulness for the future. And sometimes that suggestion of emotion is stronger and more interesting than an explicit display of it."

Tunko Islam
The Redundant Loot
Edison, NJ

"This is a really creative illustration that obviously encompasses some social meaning and thought, but also offers us a surreal vision of a world that maybe is far away, but maybe is also more familiar to us than we first realize."

Adrian Austin
Hilton Head Island, SC

"Here we are offered a dreamlike vision, where the figure floats in an otherworldly space (both literally and figuratively). There's a simplicity, yet enough suggestion of meaning to allow the viewer to take that suggestion and run with it."

February Winning Entry & Honorable Mentions

Winning Entry
Courtney Hines
Houston, TX

"Very interesting combination of materials. This piece seems to carry a lot of hidden meaning."

Honorable Mentions

Amanda Rae
Parkton, MD

"A great example of what it means to be painterly."

Justin Webb
Henderson, NV

"Great subtleties in color usage."

Joanna Zou
Columbia, MO

"A wonderful example of an asymetrical composition."


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