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Grand View has some of the newest student housing in the midwest, with four of six student residences built in the last 11 years. Traditional residence halls, suites and apartments are all available. Freshmen typically begin their Grand View residential experience in one of our traditional residence halls – Knudsen or Nielsen – and then move into suite-style buildings as sophomores, then into one of two apartment buildings. But there are many different paths toward living independence at differing costs. All rooms have high-speed Internet access and cable TV; all buildings have electronic security systems. All Grand View housing is co-ed. Pricing for student residence and meal plan options is here.

For a virtual tour of residences, click HERE. Floor plans for each student residence are provided below, as are lists of items you may bring.

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Knudsen Hall

Knudsen Hall houses freshman residents and offers single rooms for upperclass students. It was renovated in 2004 and updated in 2007 and boasts new modular furniture that can be arranged in 25 configurations. This vibrant hall provides a great living environment for residents to begin their GV career. It is connected to the Wellness Center, giving students convenient access to our modern athletic facilities. Double and single rooms are available, some with baths. A resident assistant lives on each floor of the building and is trained to assist residents with their living experience.

Click HERE to see a floor plan.

What to bring to Knudsen Hall.

Nielsen Hall

Nielsen Hall houses up to 118 freshman residents. The lower level has a large recreation and game room, as well as laundry facilities and a vending area. The large, recently renovated lobby attracts students as a place to relax and hang out. This hall also offers both single and double rooms, some with baths. Modular furniture can be arranged into 25 configurations. A resident assistant who is trained to assist students with their living experience lives on each floor of the building.

Click HERE to see a floor plan.

What to bring to Nielsen Hall

Langrock Suites

The Langrock Suites, a suite-style facility, houses 180 freshman and sophomore students. Each suite has two bedrooms, equipped to house up to five students (configurations vary), as well as a living area and bathroom. All residents have access to a second floor laundry room. The suites do not have kitchens, so students living there have an on-campus meal plan.

Click HERE to see a floor plan.

What to bring to Langrock Suites

Hull Apartments

One-hundred eleven upper-class students live in four, five and six-person apartment units. Each fully-furnished unit has a living room/dining room and a full kitchen. Two double bathrooms are shared by the residents, who each have a private bedroom. Hull Apartments is also connected to the newest housing option on campus, Hull Suites. Laundry facilities and the common lounge, equipped with a big screen TV, are centrally located for both facilities. For outdoor activities, there’s a courtyard shared by the residents.

Click HERE to see a floor plan.

What to bring to Hull Apartments

Hull Suites

Hull Suites is the newest and part of the largest residential facility on campus. Sophomore students will live in suites which are fully-furnished and contain two bedrooms as well as a living area and a bathroom. The building has an elevator and is connected to the Hull Apartments. Study rooms are available on the second and third floor with a main community lounge on the first floor. The outdoor courtyard makes this a great facility for meeting new people!

Click HERE to see a floor plan.

What to bring to Hull Suites

L Apartments

The L Apartments is a 235-bed complex designed for independent living by upperclass students. Each fully-furnished unit is either a two-or four-person apartment. The shared bathroom is designed for private multi-person use. Laundry facilities are located in the lower level and a step-out patio overlooks the greenspace on campus. Full-sized beds, island kitchen areas, and community rooms on each floor are what make The L Apartments the most popular housing option on campus!

Click HERE to see a floor plan.

What to bring to L Apartments


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